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Four Days of Fun at Crystal Frolics

8:28 AM | Thursday, July 14, 2022

Come out for four days of fun and frolics in Crystal! Crystal Frolics offers lots of great activities at two great parks, as Frolics President Lynn Haney says, “At Welcome we have our annual softball tournament, which has been going on for over 60 years. The actual tournament will start on Friday night, but on Thursday night we will have younger people in softball games, hopefully we’re looking to have an all-star game. What we do have is called kids kickball. Anybody can come. Kids all ages can come and play.” Also at Welcome Park? Service groups with food, beverages and games, as Haney adds, “Cooper football boosters & football club will be selling their famous pulled pork. You can’t have a Frolics without Coach Willy’s famous pulled pork. The West Metro Fire Relief Association will be selling beer and pull tabs, and the New Hope Lions will have a Bingo tent. It’s a nice way to relax, sit and watch some softball, get something to eat, grab a beer, and go and play Bingo.  What more could you ask on a nice hot Summer day?”

What more could you ask? Becker Park will have food, fun & games, too, as Crystal Recreation Director John Elholm says, “Both Friday night and Saturday we have large inflatables here, we also have food trucks, Omni Beer will be here, and on Saturday morning we have a family festival, and at the family festival we have a lot of local businesses will be doing activities for the kids, so kids can come out and do activities with the local businesses, there’s a makers’ market at the same time, and don’t want to forget we have Kids Dance, and llamas, and all sorts of fun things on Saturday.” And of course Becker Park has two nights of live music as well, with Elholm adding, “It’s totally free to come out and enjoy the music. We have a number of different groups on Friday night, and then on Saturday we have Innocent Reggae Band, followed by Socaholix. Socaholix was out here last year, and the crowd just loved them.” And to top off both Friday and Saturday nights are fireworks at Welcome Park. Haney says it’s just a great weekend to get out, see friends and celebrate Crystal, adding, “It’s the one time of year that they know that they are going to be able to find someone they know at the beer tent, at the food tent, at the softball tournament, listening to the great bands over at Becker Park. It’s a time for the community to get together and celebrate community.”

Crystal Frolics takes place Thursday through Sunday, July 28th through the 31st, with four days of fun at Welcome Park, and activities at Becker Park on Friday night, and all day Saturday. For more information go to


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