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‘He was a great kid:’ Neighbor remembers teen shot and killed in Lynnwood drive-by

A community is reeling after four teens were shot in drive-by shootings in Lynnwood within the span of a day and a half. Two Teens shot on Thursday night died from their injuries. 

A Martha Lake man says he knew one of the teens who died in Thursday’s shooting and described the young man as “compassionate” and a “great kid.” 

The two victims in that shooting were only 15 and 16 years old. Police say they were standing near Spruce Park when someone opened fire. Initial reports indicated it may be a drive-by shooting. Witnesses reported seeing a car speeding away following the gunfire. 

The shooting Thursday happened at 169th Street SW and 36th Street, just blocks away from another shooting one day prior.  

When the shots rang out, Michael Glenn said that he never imagined that gun violence would take the life of someone that his kids knew. 

“Two or three months ago, they all went out to play basketball, and were hanging out, just doing what teenagers do,” said Glenn. 

He said the kids learned of the news early Thursday morning. 

“All the way ‘til yesterday, my daughter was, saw him early in the morning, and he took off to go see his friends and about 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning, my son came in and told me,” he said. 

Glenn said his daughter is devastated, not wanting to believe the news. 

“He was a great kid,” said Glenn. “He had a lot of compassion.  My health was not the best while he was around when he was a teenager. He’d help me in and out of the car.”

Glenn didn’t want to share the teen’s name quite yet as he was still reeling from the news himself. 

“I’m feeling so sick to my stomach,” said Glenn, remembering how the kids used to play together when they were younger on their scooters.  

“Used to scoot up and down the alley, ‘Look at me, Dad. Look at me go!’ Now his daddy doesn’t get to see that anymore. I feel so bad for his dad.  He loved that boy,” said Glenn. 

Talil “T” Reche lives next door to where the shooting happened and saw a car speeding away following the shots. 

“I heard some shots as if it was kind of like, fireworks at first, but as soon as I heard the shots, I saw a driver just go immediately right by,” said Reche. 

He feels guns are too accessible to teenagers. 

“Right now, it’s going to little kids who probably haven’t even got done with school yet, and here they are freaking learning how to kill other people, man, just shooting it up,” he said. 

FOX 13 also spoke with a mom and son who regularly go to the park near where the teens were killed.   

“Society is not really like, good anymore. I wish people could be more nice nowadays,” said 12-year-old Isaiah Brotton. 

“I think it would be scary for him to be here alone and to see something like that happen…and to know the kids were so young as well.  The violence in this world is getting out of control,” said Lusita Brotton, Isaiah’s mom.  

Glenn and others believe it’s too easy for young people to get their hands on guns, and they want things to change. 

“People are being killed for no reason, no reason,” said Glenn. “He doesn’t get to get his driver’s license. He doesn’t get to get married. This is so, so wrong.”

“I mean, the only way how I honestly see the end of this is if we do change something with the gun laws,” said Reche.

Lynnwood Police and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office say they are working to determine if the two shootings Wednesday and Thursday night are related.